Dig deep about the :nth-child() selector with our newest CSS game, Nth Cart

We’re thrilled to announce Nth Cart, our latest coding game all about the CSS selectors :nth-child() and :nth-last-child().

Haul frontendium minerals from deep in the mines. Use :nth-child() together with mathematical expressions to unload only the mine carts holding your precious cargo. Combine multiple selectors to match even more complex patterns.

Learning to use :nth-child() to its full potential will enable you to style complex components like tables and ordered lists with cleaner code than ever before.

Thomas Park


Thomas is the founder of Codepip, and the designer of Flexbox Froggy and Grid Garden. Before Codepip, he worked as a computing education and human-computer interaction researcher at Drexel University's College of Computing and Informatics. He has also worked at the Mozilla Foundation and is involved in numerous open source web projects.

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