Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codepip?

Codepip is a platform where you can play coding games that teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other aspects of web development. By registering a Codepip account, you can access free games, save your progress, and share your achievements.

How do I reset my game progress?

You can reset your progress in the level selector menu of each game. Your completed levels and answers will be cleared, but your achievements will be retained.

What browsers are supported?

We recommend you use the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari, preferably on a personal computer or tablet.

When is the next game being released?

We’re constantly at work on new game titles. But given the nature of software development, it’s hard to give a firm date until we’re close to release. Follow us on our blog or Twitter to stay up to date on news.

Can I share my achievements with others?

Yes, by default your profile is public, and displays your in-game progress and achievements. There is a setting if you prefer to make your profile private.

What does Pro membership give you?

With Pro membership, you unlock premium games and advanced features such as solutions guides. Visit the Pro page for more details.

Are there any discounts for Pro memberships?

Students in K-12 and university can request a promo code for 30% discount here. Please make sure to request the code and apply it before signing up for a pro plan.

The group membership plans also have significant savings.

Can I get an academic discount for my homeschooled child?

Yes, you can submit documentation from your local authority demonstrating the student’s homeschool status in order to qualify.

Can we sign up as a group?

Yes, you can sign up with a group plan to get access to group management features and volume discounts. Pricing is calculated on a per member basis, with rates differing for the monthly and annual plans.

To register, visit our Plans page.

How does group management work?

The user who signs up for a group plan will be the owner. The owner can have other users to join the group as both admins and students. The owner can remove users and add new users to fill their seats.

Admins can add new users to the group by manually inputting their email addresses, sharing an invite code or URL, or by bulk importing a CSV file.

Owners and admins have access to a dashboard where they can view the progress of all students at a single glance. Once you have registered for a group plan, you can access the group dashboard here.

Learn more here.

I am bulk importing a group, but some students already have accounts. How can I add them to the group?

Students who already have accounts can be invited to the group by submitting their email address in the Add Member form.

Can I create more than one group?

Currently one group can be created per group plan.

I’ve already registered a group plan and want to change the group size. How do I change the number of seats?

If you want to keep your current group, contact us and we can change the number of seats for you. A second option is to cancel your current subscription and resubscribe with a new group plan.

How do I make a payment?

Membership payments can be made either through credit or debit card (via Stripe) or PayPal. Payments are made on a recurring basis, either monthly or annually depending on the plan you sign up for. At the end of each billing period, the membership will auto-renew.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel your membership at any time. After logging in, visit your Account page and click the “Upgrade or change your membership” link to downgrade your account to the Basic tier.

You’ll keep Pro access until your current active membership expires (such as at the end of the month), but your plan will not renew. Your badges and other progress will be saved for your Pro games, even after you cancel your Pro membership. You can also reactivate your Pro membership at anytime and resume your progress.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account and all of its associated data by logging in, visiting your Account page, and clicking the “Delete account” link. Be sure you want to take this action, as you be permanently deleting all of your progress.

Note: You must downgrade your account from Pro to Free to stop subscription payments before deleting your account.

Why haven’t I received my account activation email?

The email may have been mistakenly blocked by a spam filter. Please check your spam folder and add [email protected] to your whitelist. If you’re still not receiving your activation email, contact us.

Is Codepip GDPR compliant?

Measures have been taken to maintain GDPR compliance and respect your privacy:

  • Our newsletter requires clear and explicit consent to opt in.
  • IP addresses are anonymized for analytics purposes.
  • Users have the right to their data, including deletion of their account and associated data, and download of their data.
  • Notifications will be provided in the event of a security breach of individual data.

Codepip’s complete privacy policy can be found here.

I have a problem with my account or payment, what should I do?

Please contact us and we’ll work with you to get it resolved.