Reach your resources with Pathfinder, a game of constructing file paths

Introducing Pathfinder, a game of constructing file paths. You must navigate the space rover to resources such as web pages, images, scripts, fonts, and more. You do this by creating and transmitting file paths to the rover. But beware: if you send the wrong path, you’ll take the rover off-course. Through Pathfinder’s levels, you’ll learn…

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Treat yourself to selectors with CSS Scoops

CSS Scoops is the newest coding game from Codepip. As ice cream sundaes slide across the counter, you must use CSS selectors to target everything from cones and cups to scoops of chocolate, mint, and lemon ice cream. You’ll learn how to compose CSS selectors, including element, class, and ID selectors; the universal selector *;…

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Organize emoji with Disarray, a coding game about JavaScript array methods

Introducing Disarray, a new coding game from Codepip. In this game inspired by the visual novel genre, you play a cleaning consultant who’s been hired to declutter your client’s house. Using a variety of JavaScript array methods, you must organize emoji of the household objects you encounter. 80 levels take you through the house, from…

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Dig deep about the :nth-child() selector with our newest CSS game, Nth Cart

We’re thrilled to announce Nth Cart, our latest coding game all about the CSS selectors :nth-child() and :nth-last-child(). Haul frontendium minerals from deep in the mines. Use :nth-child() together with mathematical expressions to unload only the mine carts holding your precious cargo. Combine multiple selectors to match even more complex patterns. Learning to use :nth-child()…

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Announcing Selector Showdown: A game for learning about CSS selector specificity

Selector Showdown is a new game from Codepip for learning all about CSS selector specificity. In the game, two CSS selectors are pitted against each other in a showdown. It’s up to you to judge which one has greater specificity. Get it right and you rank up to the next level. Get it wrong and…

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Making the most of web coding games

We’ve shared some advice with freeCodeCamp for how to effectively include coding games in your learning. Make a game plan, be a critic, press play now, and more. Check out the article on freeCodeCamp.

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Learn to code HTML like a wizard with Sourcery

Sourcery, the latest game from Codepip, is now live! You are apprentice to the Sourceress, who will train you on the ins and outs of Emmet. A popular plugin for code editors like Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text, Emmet grants you superpowers when it comes to writing HTML. Using its CSS-like syntax, you’ll…

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Tracking students with the group dashboard

With the group plans, Codepip offers a number of special features to help teachers and other facilitators manage a large group of users. For instance, teachers gain access to solutions guides, and can add users in a number of ways: Invite students using their email address Share a URL or group code for students to…

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Cascade adds untimed mode

By popular request, we’ve added a new untimed mode to Cascade, the frenzied and fast-paced CSS puzzle game. This gives everyone a chance to slow down and study each level, do some research, and figure out the solutions. The new untimed mode is called Beginner, with the timed modes renamed to Intermediate and Expert. Once…

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Solution guides for educators

We’ve added solution guides with answer keys and explanations to select games. These are aimed at teachers, mentors, parents, and other educators to help them facilitate their classes and workshops. Besides viewing solution guides directly from our site, they can be printed out in a printer-friendly format for offline use. So far, solution guides have…

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