Reach your resources with Pathfinder, a game of constructing file paths

Introducing Pathfinder, a game of constructing file paths. You must navigate the space rover to resources such as web pages, images, scripts, fonts, and more. You do this by creating and transmitting file paths to the rover. But beware: if you send the wrong path, you’ll take the rover off-course.

Through Pathfinder’s levels, you’ll learn how to construct relative paths, including both document relative and root relative, as well as absolute paths. You’ll get up to speed on how to use syntax like slash (/), dot (.), and double dot (..).

And by the end of the mission, you’ll know how to reference anything on your file system, from stylesheets and scripts to images, audio, and video.

Thomas Park


Thomas is the designer of Flexbox Froggy and the founder of Codepip. Before Codepip, he worked as a computing education and human-computer interaction researcher at Drexel University's College of Computing and Informatics. He was also involved in educational software initiatives at the Mozilla Foundation and contributes to open source to this day.

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