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What our users are saying

“Of the many code learning platforms I've tried and use, I think your pacing and repetition is nearly perfect, keep up the great work!”

Daniel B.

“As a new learner to CSS and struggling with layout techniques I have found both Flexbox Froggy and CSS Garden immensely helpful!”

Para S.

“This is such a brilliant concept for a game on SQL. I've only done the first 10 challenges so far and I'm already loving it!”

Mik S.

“CSS Surgeon is a really fun game that helped me brush up on my CSS transform skills.”

Julie G.

“Last week I started a new job working with TSQL and Querymon was an excellent primer... I've finally completed my career pivot, and your tools helped me immensely. THANK YOU!”

Connor W.

“You have done an amazing job at simplifying a lot of concepts that may be difficult to grasp, especially for beginners. I really hope more and more aspiring developers find your website because it is a treasure.”

Eglal G.

“Love all these games, they help. You guys and gals rock!”

Theresa W.

“I don't know what I like better, the CSS game or the frog puns at the end.”

Catherine R.

“I feel like I finally understand flexbox.”

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