Query ’em all with Querymon

In Querymon, you’re mentored on the art of writing database queries. Use your newly-acquired skills to access the Querydex, a database of over 151 monsters. Before you know it, you’ll be selecting, sorting, and filtering data like a whiz.

Level up and make the trek to the Artica Region, where Professor Moss will put you to the test with a series of research quests. With a single line of code, you’ll be able to answer absolutely any question about the Querydex.

Querymon serves as an introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language), a standard language used in popular database systems such as MySQL, MariaDB, and SQLite. You’ll learn SQL topics from basic SELECT statements, filters like WHERE and IN, functions like sum() and count(), and subqueries, to more complex JOIN and UNION operations.

Thomas Park


Thomas is the designer of Flexbox Froggy and the founder of Codepip. Before Codepip, he worked as a computing education and human-computer interaction researcher at Drexel University's College of Computing and Informatics. He was also involved in educational software initiatives at the Mozilla Foundation and contributes to open source to this day.

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