Making the most of web coding games

We’ve shared some advice with freeCodeCamp for how to effectively include coding games in your learning. Make a game plan, be a critic, press play now, and more. Check out the article on freeCodeCamp.

Learn to code HTML like a wizard with Sourcery


Sourcery, the latest game from Codepip, is now live! You are apprentice to the Sourceress, who will train you on the ins and outs of Emmet. A popular plugin for code editors like Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text, Emmet grants you superpowers when it comes to writing HTML. Using its CSS-like syntax, you’ll

Tracking students with the group dashboard

With the group plans, Codepip offers a number of special features to help teachers and other facilitators manage a large group of users. For instance, teachers gain access to solutions guides, and can add users in a number of ways: Invite students using their email address Share a URL or group code for students to

Cascade adds untimed mode

Cascade Beginner Mode

By popular request, we’ve added a new untimed mode to Cascade, the frenzied and fast-paced CSS puzzle game. This gives everyone a chance to slow down and study each level, do some research, and figure out the solutions. The new untimed mode is called Beginner, with the timed modes renamed to Intermediate and Expert. Once

Solution guides for educators

We’ve added solution guides with answer keys and explanations to select games. These are aimed at teachers, mentors, parents, and other educators to help them facilitate their classes and workshops. Besides viewing solution guides directly from our site, they can be printed out in a printer-friendly format for offline use. So far, solution guides have

CSS Surgeon: A game with many life lessons

CSS Surgeon

Remember that old party game, Operation, in which you tried to carefully remove a plastic butterfly from the belly of a cardboard patient without setting off the buzzer? Well, this game just got an upgrade from Codepip. Now students, as young as 10 years of age, can learn and practice CSS, a text-based language for

Introducing Codepip

We’re excited to officially announce the launch of Codepip, a platform for coding games that help you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you’ve played Flexbox Froggy or Grid Garden before, you have a good idea of what Codepip is all about. Today, we want to share the full details of what’s in store, including